Ep 1: Amy Wright Glenn - Birth Breath and Death

Hello! and welcome to my first podcast episode!!!!!!!! I still feel giddy and embarrassed to hear myself asking questions in a recording ( and don't worry, I'm going to work on the rambling I do for future episodes!) BUT I do love this interview only because of the woman on the other end.

Please take some moments to listen to my interview with Amy Wright Glenn discuss her work and life as a keeper of space and stories.  Amy is a teacher, mentor, leader, and a woman I couldn't admire more!  She is also a birth doula, hospital chaplain, founder of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death and the creator of Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss trainings. Amy is particularly interested in the spiritual and/or religious dimensions of doula work, the emerging end-of-life doula movement, and the intersections found between her formal training as a birth worker and her studies in end-of-life care.

In this podcast, we discuss the mutability of life; life as a precious bank account; the gifts of life's constant offerings of metaphorical deaths; and a few of Amy's tips on how to be present with death when it doesn't look pretty.